“DIAD. Done in a day.  Need I say more?” – Executive Speaker

“I can attend how I want, when I want and where I want. It includes everyone and encourages new thinking.  And then when it’s over, I’ve got a community connected to it.”  – GE Attendee

“This was an awesome learning experience. I love that the forums are held in unique locations.  Thanks Pink Petro for creating a real experience that’s different and a community that’s united in a common cause.” – Enbridge Attendee

“I loved HERWorld and the experience of being a part of Pink Petro.” – High school attendee

The Pink Petro HERWorld Energy Forum is an innovative learning event that addresses new frontiers in the energy industry where business, workforce, innovation and policy intersect. Powered by creative disruptor, Pink Petro, our forums are hybrid in-person, digital simulcasted learning events built on a firm belief that energy education is changing and needs to be accessible to everyone, everywhere in classrooms, the field, office, and the C-Suite.

HERWorld is an inclusive platform to recognize the contributions that women make to the energy sector and their future.  It’s a place for dialogue on key issues and challenges. The forums features a series of engaging panels and keynotes covering thoughtful insights on the business, workforce development, diversity, innovation, technology and policy.

HERWorld provides cost efficient, high quality development solutions for time-starved people and organizations.   Our time is precious and people want and need options.  Our products include epic digital events – rich in content and diversity – and a digital development platform that delivers highly impactful content available on any device, anytime and anywhere.

HERWorld Connect brings women’s networks, associations and groups to convene on meaningful issues that bring impact to our industry.  HERWorld Connect led a response to the World Economic Forum with 500+ individuals in 53 organizations globally to work towards solving the gender gap.

HERWorld is a unique branding opportunity that gives companies the opportunity to reach audiences digitally.  The industry is changing and has to embrace new ways to connect and engage people to be a part of our great industry.  Sponsoring HERWorld drives more bang for your dollar, pound or euro.  We bring unfair advantage to the brands who aren’t afraid to be different, inclusive and digital.